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Meet Christina & Jill - Co-Owners

With the help of several other beautiful souls, Christina and Jill founded Charmed in Brewer 2017 which eventually led to founding Meraki Petrichor.  The two of them met in 2013 when they both worked at a living history museum and found that they had an instant connection around nature, spirituality, and simple living.  Both Christina and Jill spent their childhoods in the woods, making brews of wildflowers and herbs.  Both Christina and Jill come from a line of intuitives and witches that goes back generations.  And both Christina and Jill have spent a large part of their lives living lifestyles that embrace the interconnection of nature.


Magic, nature, and wellness have always been a part of both their lives.  Both Christina and Jill do what they do because they deeply understand the importance of what living with intention means and with this in mind, they are always excited to share their knowledge with others.  This is what fuels their work and why they do what they do.


With lots of elbow grease and hard work, they’ve worked to bring the community workshops and education, wellness, and spirituality tools, as well as local and online spiritual support.  They also founded Equinox Studio, a local spot that provides space for kindred spirits to share their talents and gifts.  They continue to work to bring more and more to the table, so keep an eye out!  As those that visit Charmed in Brewer in person, they know that things are always changing and growing!

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