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A Great Read and an Even Greater Resource

Wondering what it means to be a Witch? If you wonder, think you might be or desire to be a Witch, this well-crafted volume is a must read.

How to Become a Witch: The Path of Nature, Spirit and Magick (by Amber K & Azrael Arynn K) is an introduction to what being a Witch is all about, how to go about creating and maintaining your practice, and finding the way that best suits you. It is a fun read, full of facts, instructions and magickal insights.

This book covers the foundations of Witchcraft, from training, initiation and daily practice to symbols, spells and magick. It sets out the Wheel of the Year, describing the celebration of Sabbats, as well as the Esbats (Moon phase celebrations). In doing so, this volume brings the reader along on a journey into what the true meaning of being a Witch is, of finding your True Self in the Craft of the Wise.

Along with the organized material covered chapter by chapter, each chapter is led by the theme, “I am a Witch at every hour.” Page after page include more than the focused instructional content. There are quips, historical tidbits and little known facts sprinkled throughout which pique your curiosity and give you answers to so many questions you have had about Witchcraft, or perhaps never thought to wonder.

Once read, you will want to keep this book close at hand. Its rich content, filled with specific tools and extensive tableaus for the practicing Witch will keep you wanting to return to it again and again. The complete alphabetic index ensures your search is easy and fruitful.

I highly recommend How to Become a Witch, at every hour!

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