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Air - The Living Room

Air lives within water, air lives beside the water. Air gives form and life to all creatures of the Earth. Passionate fires do not grow or glow without the breath of air. Air is ever-present. Our common rooms - our living rooms - are most often the spaces that we connect with others and the outside world. When we connect with ourselves and with each other through communication, we are connecting with the element of air.

When you take time to gather, be mindful. Be aware of self and space, and work to infuse your home with clarity, connection, and transcendence.

Spending time in our common spaces can be as sacred a ritual as cooking. Working to enhance communication and connection creates nourishment for our souls and in all things, the connection is the reason we exist.

Focusing on how we build our altars, how we decorate our space, and how we clean and clear it has deep meaning for not only you but all those that enter your common space. Look to what you hang on the walls, the colors you work with to decorate, and how you are enhancing your space with smells. Rituals, like watching a favorite form of media together in your common room, playing games, or building puzzles can also enhance the sacred energy of your common room. Always spend your time intentionally and do your magical work for connection! You won’t be disappointed!

In our modern life, Air supports positive connection and communication amidst the chaos.

Air is an essential element in your home. It helps you create a space and place for positive flow, cleansing and clearing are a practice to support the element of air.

One excellent way to incorporate Air into your home is by creating altars that reflect the element of air. On that altar, burning candles that are fed by the element of air, and by burning herbs, resins, and other forms of incense deepen your practice and open your spirit.

Other excellent ways to incorporate Air into your life are to engage directly with the element - get creative! Blowing balloons, bubbles, birthday candles...or dandelions...flying kites, scrying clouds, standing in the wind, and chasing storms all connect us with air. Other ways to incorporate air within your life and connected home are to create rituals of connection among household members, practice connecting with higher consciousness, and embrace mindfulness. Air Signs - Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra

Air Colors - White, Blue, Yellow, and Gray/Silver

Tools - feathers, bells, incense, athame, wand, leaves, wind chimes, wings, and mirrors

Many herbs, trees, and plants have sacred and healing value in your home. Some of the most regularly used herbs and plants in the home are:

Spider plants - Absorbs negative energy and lifts energy

Air plants - Support freedom and creativity

Mimosa tree - Supports sympathy and connection

Alder - Connected with all the elements, alder connects with air through the idea of movement and connection.

Dandelion - Childlike joy, wish making

Lavender - Fosters communication, deepens spirituality, purifies the air

Fennel - Supports communication

Lungwort - Deep connection and sympathy - “Thou art my life”

Snake plant - Cleans the air, removes toxins, adds O2

Many stones have sacred value in your common room. Many of the stones related to the element of air are semi-transparent, white, Some of them are:

Sapphire - Promotes interconnectedness, truth, clear communication, and leadership qualities.

Lapis Lazuli - Supports critical thinking, higher mind, memory, calmness, and quiet mind.

Green Tourmaline - Reduces anxiety and encourages group connection.

Blue Calcite - Enhances the throat chakra, supports communication with technology

Stay tuned - next week, the Bedroom and the element of Fire!

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Blessed Be!


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