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Beginner's Elemental Candle Ritual

If you are new to magic, new to working with the elements, or want to get back to basics, keep reading!

If read last week's blog, you would have been introduced to the elements and some core correspondences between the elements and color. For example, green is often associated with the element of earth, yellow represents with air, red brings for fire, blue speaks to water, and white connects spirit and self.

We've been focusing on self in these early these early blogs, and in the future, we will move out into home and world, but remember, all magic starts with you!

This small candle ritual will help you connect with the elements as you start your journey!

Elemental Candle Ritual

Tools You Will Need:


  • Begin by finding a space in your home or outside that you consider special. Make sure to set aside 10 to 15 minutes for this ritual.

  • Place the candles in the candle holders and set to the side.

  • Standing in the center of an imagined 5 feet wide circle, light your smudge stick and working from the bottom of your left foot around to the bottom of your right foot, smudge yourself. For more detailed info on how to work around your body, reference our Cleansing Ritual.

  • Next, on a heat safe, sturdy, fire safe space, set out your candles. Within a circle, At the to of the circle, place the green candle. Working clockwise, place the yellow candle to your right side, the red candle behind you, and the blue candle to your left. Place the white candle in the center.

  • After you've done this, take 3 deep breaths. Speak any intention you may have. It could be that your are looking for grounding, cleansing, or perhaps more self love.

  • Next you will light the candles. As you light each candle, reference each of the elements by saying:

    • I connect with the element of earth. Allow me to flourish and ground me.

    • I connect with the element of air. Allow me to embrace life through clear communication.

    • I connect with the element of fire. Allow me to recognize and embrace the passion of life.

    • I connect with the element of water. Allow me to tranquility as I flow with life.

    • I connect with the element spirit. Allow me to understand that my personal power in inherent and that I connect with all of the universe.

  • Then, after candles are all lit, intentions have been spoken, take three deep breaths, imagining all the energy from your self and the candles become one and are sent into the sky and earth. Speak the words, "So mote it be."

  • Allow the candles to burn until they all go out on their own.

As always, thank you for reading, please subscribe and share!!!

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