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Cleaning and Cleansing Part 2

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Some of the deep benefits that people experience when they work to cleanse their home range from a sense of lightening of the overall energy of their space and person to deep transformation and change of perspective. In our last post, we began taking a look at what energy is and what potential cleansing and clearing can have in your life. We also suggested that you take an inventory of what your thoughts are about what energy is and how those around you perceive energy.

Energy is a shared experience - understanding and working with energy always, ALWAYS begins with you! It begins with understanding YOUR life is a manifestation of YOUR intentional self and that in living life - every day is a spell. What does that mean? It means that magic doesn't just happen because you put some rocks in a room or carry them in your pocket. Cleansing doesn't just happen because you burn some herbs and wave the smoke around the room. Cleansing happens because you want it to happen and you believe it will happen. You have to believe that when you combine your personal energy with a force greater than yourself (you might call it the Elements, Mother Earth, Spirit, God, Source, the Creator, Connection or something else) change can occur.

Once you get a handle on that, you can begin a process of cleansing and clearing and positive change will happen!

We promised tools and skills to help you in your life and home and here we will start with a simple daily practice to get you started. From here (next week) we will move into deeper rituals to cleanse your energy that will also incorporate different spaces in your life.

Self Cleansing Ritual

Tools You Will Need:

Time: 10 to 15 minutes


  • Stand in a space where you are most comfortable. It could be your bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere you can find a few moments to yourself. For some it might mean asking others for help, especially if you have engaged children and pets.

  • Standing still with the selenite in either hand (choose which feels most comfortable for you), take 5 deep breaths while clearing your mind and heart. You might need to focus on your breath to clear your mind and heart. AND you might need to come back to your breath to keep in this energetic space.

  • Next, think or say aloud, "I invite and welcome positive healing energy into my self."

  • After the five breaths, beginning with your left foot, wave the selenite under your foot. Then, working upward and moving around your legs and the left side of your body continue to breath in and out while imagining white light existing where you passed your body with the selenite. And, upon exhales, when you can, imagine dark smoke leaving your body.

  • Continue this over your head and down to the sole of your right foot. If you need to pass the selenite to the other hand for the other side of your body, do so as you pass the selenite over your head.

  • When you've reached the bottom of your other foot, stand again, take five more breaths in and out focusing on the energy you've just created and work to carry that light and lightness with you throughout the day. If you do this daily you will find that you will find a shift begin in your life.

Selenite is said to be one of the only stones that will charge, cleanse, and clear itself. You may want to use this special self-cleansing piece of selenite just for your, but know that you can use it anywhere and it will always be ready to go.

Next week we will move deeper into self-cleansing ritual.

As always, please feel free to comment and share! Blessed be!

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