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Clearing and Cleansing Part 1

First what we need to know is that there are differences between cleansing and clearing. For us, because we put a lot of emphasis on how important the home is, cleansing can mean either physically cleaning the dust and buildup off a surface or energetically cleansing, also called clearing. For most folks, when talking about energy clean-up, cleansing and clearing are often used interchangeably and basically mean the same thing. The idea is to remove/release/restore the space or an object's energy. And moving beyond cleansing and clearing, if you can build a practice, not only can you clean and clear the stuff that feels inappropriate, you can work to cultivate healthy energy in your home, spaces, and life! It's not a hard thing to do - you can totally do this!

Most people begin to look at energy clearing when something is wrong or something doesn't feel right within themselves or within their space. If you follow along through this series of posts, we will provide information about how you can not only understand when and how you might want or need to address that inappropriate energy that you find lingering but also how you can get ahead of it by creating a practice that will bring excellent energy into your daily life. A place to begin is to understand what energy is in relation to cleansing.

Energy, in our current world, is often identified as something physical - something that can be measured, like electricity. For the work we do (and in our lives as we live them), we define energy as that subtle metaphysical force that is unseen and immeasurable. Some cultures call it chi or spirit. It's the thing that you identify when you talk about something having a "vibe". It's the thing we can all often feel, but don't always know how to put a name on it. Energy, once felt, is something we are so often lead to describe as bad or good. It's likely that when you've encountered what we call "bad vibes" or "bad energy" you might try to separate from that energy and in turn can fall prey to further separation, fear, and anxiety. Sometimes, those less-than-pleasant energies can give you the opportunity to reflect and revitalize parts of your life that might be misunderstood, misaligned, or are just not in your good vibe flow.

That said, sometimes we're not even aware of the energies as they play a part in our lives. We might only feel the vibes when they are really extreme! A very good place to start, if you are new to all this, is to access how you feel about the idea of energy in your life and times in your life when you have experienced feeling energies or connection to the subtle energy force.

Four questions you can answer that will help you get a handle on where you are at in understanding metaphysical energy so you can begin, reestablish or reaffirm your connection to your energetic path!

  1. How do you define energy? Do you follow a specific school of thought, religion, or another way to define metaphysical energy?

  2. How do you feel about others' ideas about metaphysical energy?

  3. Are you in a community that accepts the idea of unseen energy?

    1. If not, what is keeping you from connecting with others that might share your same ideas?

  4. Has there been a time when you've walked into a room/space and felt that the energy was "off"?

    1. If you have felt it being "off" did you reflect on the moment? Did you feel it was something that was related to you or outside of yourself? Were you able to identify its source? Were you able to let go of any "negative" feelings?

    2. If you have not felt the energy of a room/space being "off", have you wondered why?

Feel free to comment, share, and connect! We love hearing from you!

Next up: Energy Clearing - It starts with YOU!

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