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Nature in the time of COVID-19

If you have access to nature, now more than ever you need it and should get out there! And if you can’t get out there, find a way to bring nature into your home.

Some of us are lucky enough to live in a place where we have regular and easy opportunities to connect with nature. Some of us live in the woods. Some of us live in well manicured neighborhoods. Some of us live in a collection of homesteads. Some of us do not.

Some of us live in the deep city. Some of us live among concrete sidewalks that go for miles and miles. And some of us live in the fear of going outside.

If you fall into the latter, you are not alone.

In times like these we are all challenged to find connection outside of ourselves and our family, and we are challenged to understand the deeper value of nature when we are worrying about the next paycheck (or lack of). But whether you know it or not, our connection with nature, with all of creation, is what keeps us human. It’s what keeps us going. The idea that something is always growing and changing is what makes us human and draws us into, through, and along with life.

If you are feeling like there is something missing in your life right now, and can’t put a finger on it, it might be that you are not finding something to connect with or to create with, that you are missing nature or you are missing out on nature.

To get you started, check out these links!

Get with nature and get with love!

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