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The Magical Properties of Lilies

We see them everywhere here in the northeast! They have potent magic! You can use them in spells, on altars, and around your liminal spaces (doors, windows, etc).

Lilies are associated with the moon, emotion, and love. Lilies can be used for protection they can keep away unwanted visitors, spirits, negativity, and curses.

They can be carried to repel targeted love magic or be used to break curses regarding love. They can be used in relation to divinity, contacting spirit guides and angels, and in communication with deities. And, they are known in general, to bring strength and harmony.

If you happen to have lilies around you or somewhere you can harvest them, drying them is super easy and a great way to have them available year round!

If you don't have access to some lilies, some shops carry them! Like us! Stop by our shop and check them out!

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