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We've Taken the Fool's Path and We've Grown.

What is magic? It's setting an intention, focusing your energy, and busting your ass to make it happen.

In a recent conversation, as the #Pink station played in the background, Jill asked Christina "How can I be so blessed?" (Uhmmm...we're writing this, and we're gonna write most of it in the third person! *cackle*)

Christina replied, "Baby girl, you busted your ass to get where you are!" (Jill identified that Christina has had this conversation before with some lucky soul!!)

Jill asked, "I don't understand how to feel it."

Christina took Jill by the elbows and looked deeply into her eyes.

Jill felt weird.

She didn't know what was going on. Should she take the leap?

Christina then said, "No girl. You've already leaped and now you've landed."

Jill still felt weird. (However, Christina notes, "Weird's the way to be.")

But then Jill remembered all the hearts Christina has touched as people have come into their magical store. She knew she could trust her and that she was thankful that Christina had been calling from the bottom of the cliff for so very long. She was the first one that Jill could really hear calling from the land of earth, witch, and fire.

"I am here to catch you." (Christina interjects as Jill types).

This is a view inside our little world. What we do, we do together. One of us might get final say, but it's always followed by an "I win, I love you."


March Madness is kind of cool. Glad we made it out the other side.

Understanding each other is the magic and the #KeytoSuccess #Dance

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