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Witch in the House

Merry Meet!

Welcome to our updated blog! We are very excited to share our decision to move forward in a new direction. Over the past year, we’ve realized that there is a lot out there about the metaphysical world and we needed to hone in on what we love most. First, we love to help people identify how much magic they are already a part of - magic is everywhere if you just take a breath, take a step back and look. Secondly, we really wanted to support others by sharing what we are most passionate about - understanding how magic is and can be part of your daily life by engaging with the world around you. And, where better to start than at home?

As we move forward with our updated blog, Witch in the House, we look forward to sharing stories, information, tips, and more that hopefully inspire and encourage you to live your most magical life! See you soon!

Blessed Be and Much Love!

Christina and Jill

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