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Witches' Wisdom Tarot Cards as interpreted by Ronda Dodge

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1st of February 16 Love

Whether you say yes or no to love, it is an opportunity for you to discover what makes you happy, what patterns, self-awareness, and awarenesses come to the forefront, and how they show join your relationship to self…as well

others. Today is the day to choose self-love, self-acceptance…..healing. Choose to be the light that heals self and others in all things called love.

2nd of February 5 of Water What lies beneath the surface. What stories have you told yourself? Is responsibility the trade-off to happiness or is this an opportunity to shed conventions and create your version of responsibility that works for you and all those concerned, to be you, to be real, to shed the story you tell yourself? It can be overwhelming, exhausting. Dive deep, do the work, clean your soul.

3rd of February 7 Ancestor Today is the day to reflect on your past choices. To look at patterns from your past, inherited from your parents, and your parents. Patterns are created out of fear and protection. Do they serve you now? The Ancestor reminds you to remember, Why are you here? Lean into your heart, your gut, your soul. Drop the patterns, the fear, the protection...get out of your head. No one is going to tell you who or what you should be. Your past is a gift from your ancestors over many lifetimes. Lean in, trust your heart, the guidance, from your soul and that of your ancestors, and move forward in your truth.

4th of February 4 of Water The 4 of water brings the whale energy of wisdom and compassion, joy, and connection. Whale energy reminds you that you travel with a pod...vast distances may lay between you and yours but if you close your eyes, can hear the chatter, laughter, and sounds of times shared. You are not alone. Reach out, reconnect, rejoice. Healing comes in renewing your connection with friends, family, the natural earth, and all its beings. Allow the lessons of whale energy to flood you with gratitude, lightheartedness, mystery, and enhance gifts of telepathy. Namaste.

5th of February 8 Healing It takes a village to raise children and a circle of friends and loved ones to heal souls. Gather your tribe and know that as they heal you, so do you heal them. Healing comes in all forms...laughter, tears, love, pain, music, dance, soaking in the presence of those who are lucky enough to be your tribe. This is a time to rest from the physical, mental world of work and engage in the vibration of healing. Enjoy, Relax, Breathe.....

6th of February 12 Wheel of Life The wheel of life is about the changing of the seasons, of nature's rhythms both internal and external. Are the internal and external seasons in alignment with one another? What corrective action is needed to achieve the alignment? Relax, Reflect, Regroup.

7th of February 0 Pilgrim This card represents an awakening…to the magic…the spirituality around you…to your heart's desires. Go forward with curiosity and wonder/ Tap into your intuition? and trust. Go forward and discover all that leads you to it. Pay attention to the companions who present themselves along the way. animals are often messengers in their own right assisting you on your path.

8th of February 11 Balance Choices are the key to finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy of Being. What choices are needed to bring these qualities into balance? Are you always reaching for the plump juicy berries on the bush or are they underdeveloped, still green with hope? Perhaps they are past their prime, a missed opportunity. Now is the time to reflect on these choices is there a pattern to your choices, have they brought balance and fulfillment? Balance is the key to choice. Choice wisely.

9th of February 3 of water It is easy to get distracted when the fog rolls in but that is all it is, a distraction. Fog distorts reality, it plays tricks with the mind with ambiguity, doubt, confusion, it might even cause you to take a step off your path. However, the fog will lift and you can pick up where you stepped off. Remind yourself of the journey...there is no wrong turn...only lessons along the way. whether you learn to navigate the fog or go with the flow matters not....keep the faith and enjoy the journey.

10th of February 13 Shaman Teachers come in all forms. When the Shaman presents itself it asks for blind trust in the form of a teacher. This teacher may be physical or in spirit and is here to help sift through all the lessons and skills learned over the years to help make sense of them, to learn to apply them, and to understand the sacred power of the gifts received, of the sacredness within yourself. Listen to the whispering, the messages that call to your senses. The creator is calling to you.

11th of February 9 Rebirth Rebirth brings with it the exhilaration of a fresh start. It is time to shed that which no longer serves you, to rid yourself of unfulfilled dreams and ideas, or relationships and jobs that no longer support you. This is a time to step out of your shell and spread your wings. You have outgrown your current situation and are ready for more, deserve more. The stars will lead you.

12th of February Messenger of Water The messenger uses water as a means to review all the ancestral legends and stories. The seal carries mysteries yet to be revealed. Magical words can access these legends and mysteries when you are willing to ask, ready to listen, and open to receiving. Words are powerful, be careful how you use them.

13th of February 15 Journey Journeys are not about where you are going or even how you are getting there. It's about who you become along the way. Take notice of the details, the scenery, and the lessons you have learned. Lean into your instinct, your heart, your spirit, your soul. Oh, how you have grown! Worry not about the directions but of the growth achieved. Lean in my loves, lean in.

14th of February 3 of Fire Sometimes the path less travel will serve you best and this is no exception. Though this path may be ridden with uncertainty, the fairy lights and intuition will be your guides. With fear comes the realization that you are stronger than you know.

15th of February 4 of Fire Relax within the safety of home and family. Enjoy the ambiance of all you have created, stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the sights, and know all is well within your soul.

16th of February Witch of Air The Witch of Air builds on the progression of the cards shared thus far this month. Take the heart and soul-centered tools you have and envision the life you desire. Every dream starts with a belief based on love and light. Reflect on your heart's desire, believe, ask, and receive.

17th of February 9 of Fire The fruits of your labor are ready to be harvested. All that you have worked for is bearing fruit. An abundance is evident to all. How will you harvest your crops? Will you share with friends in neighbors, store them for a rainy day, do you take what is needed, and leave the rest to be reclaimed by the environment indulging while the fruits are ripe with goodness? Choices, choice... it's all about your choices.

18th of February 2 of Earth In the leanest of, times a mother will always nurture her children. Be both mother and child to yourself. Both give and receive love, nourishment, and safety. Be your own n mother bear ready to fight and protect in all manners of love.

19th of February Witch of Water The Witch of Water is safe and buoyant amid white-capped waves. She is unafraid and is enjoying a drink with her fish friend. She is reminding you that you need not be afraid of your emotions. Feelings flow like water but imagining a container in which to appropriately control those emotions will allow for a successful outcome.

20th of February 18 Guardian The Guardian speaks of you coming into your own. You have done the work to strip away ego, materialism, judgments. You have found your center and have learned to love, trust, and befriend yourself. Others' opinions no longer concern you. Your intuition and gifts have multiplied, you feel humbled as well as proud of the journey to the transformation you have endured. You are now ready to mentor others.

21st of February Messenger of Air Remember the magic of childhood? Where imaginary friends and fairies allowed you to believe anything was possible. The Messenger of Air asks you to believe with the same childlike wonder and trust. Believe the Universe will make it happen and it will. Ask, Dream, Believe...Fly.

22nd of February 10 of Water The ten of waters reminds you to be aware of your surroundings. Do not be lured into a false sense of safety as there are hidden dangers near you. Enjoy the tranquility of your surrounding even as you acknowledge the danger.

23rd of February 10 of Air The 10 of Air reminds us to get out of our heads and to focus on our hearts and instincts. Awareness is inspired by the soul, not the mind. Stand in wonder, let your spirit fly!

24th of February 17 Wisdom Keeper The wisdom keeper invites you to take a deeper dive into your ancestral lives. Dig into the akashic records to uncover the hidden depths of your ancestral gifts and bring them forward to your modern-day consciousness. Be the keeper of your ancestral soul while improving these gifts which live at the cellular level. Develop and share these gifts with your future generations to keep these mysteries alive and current.

25th of February Messenger of Earth Learned and natural gifts of sight and intuition can be used to influence future outcomes. Not all things in the future are changeable but all things can be influenced. Plan your future wisely and use your gifts to influence the outcomes. Learn to your limitations of change and instead influence to lessen or amplify future effects as is necessary.

26th of February 9 of Water The 9 of Water speaks to a leap of faith. Just as the salmon travels upriver to spawn new life, you too have strength and determination which allows you to defy conventions of wisdom and successfully go against the flow. Take a leap of faith and return to the beginning with courage and strength you didn't know possible. You will be surprised by the results.

27th of February 8 of Fire Celebrate the promise of a new day. Rejoice and show gratitude for what was and what will be. Today is another day to grow your dreams. Be grateful to your tribe who is always at your side celebrating your successes and supporting you through the rain.

28th of February 2 of Fire Challenge yourself to acknowledge your fear, uncertainty, and doubt and move forward in spite of despiteit. Let fear motivate as well as heal you. Allow the promise of the challenge to quench the dryness of fear.

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