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Witches' Wisdom Tarot Cards as interpreted by Ronda Dodge

~ Available in-store and online!

1st of February 16 Love

Whether you say yes or no to love, it is an opportunity for you to discover what makes you happy, what patterns, self-awareness, and awarenesses come to the forefront, and how they show join your relationship to self…as well

others. Today is the day to choose self-love, self-acceptance…..healing. Choose to be the light that heals self and others in all things called love.

2nd of February 5 of Water What lies beneath the surface. What stories have you told yourself? Is responsibility the trade-off to happiness or is this an opportunity to shed conventions and create your version of responsibility that works for you and all those concerned, to be you, to be real, to shed the story you tell yourself? It can be overwhelming, exhausting. Dive deep, do the work, clean your soul.

3rd of February 7 Ancestor Today is the day to reflect on your past choices. To look at patterns from your past, inherited from your parents, and your parents. Patterns are created out of fear and protection. Do they serve you now? The Ancestor reminds you to remember, Why are you here? Lean into your heart, your gut, your soul. Drop the patterns, the fear, the protection...get out of your head. No one is going to tell you who or what you should be. Your past is a gift from your ancestors over many lifetimes. Lean in, trust your heart, the guidance, from your soul and that of your ancestors, and move forward in your truth.

4th of February 4 of Water The 4 of water brings the whale energy of wisdom and compassion, joy, and connection. Whale energy reminds you that you travel with a pod...vast distances may lay between you and yours but if you close your eyes, can hear the chatter, laughter, and sounds of times shared. You are not alone. Reach out, reconnect, rejoice. Healing comes in renewing your connection with friends, family, the natural earth, and all its beings. Allow the lessons of whale energy to flood you with gratitude, lightheartedness, mystery, and enhance gifts of telepathy. Namaste.