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Moonbeam Mage is an Astrologer, a Witch and a Wiccan Priestess. 

She has been blessed to have many amazing mentors, but her primary mentors in the Craft have been the faculty at Ardantane Pagan Learning Center in New Mexico whom she found in 2009. From Ardantane, she received her Master of Magick and Witchcraft Certificate. She then sought to become a dedicant in the Ladywood Tradition. Under the guidance, love and strength of her brothers and sisters in Our Lady of the Woods Coven, she was initiated and progressed to Priestess of the Ladywood Tradition, Third Degree. 

In 2010, a simultaneous inspiration brought Moonbeam Mage back to the study of Astrology. After having left the skills she developed in the 1970s unhoned, a synchronistic opportunity initiated her intention to be a Witch and an Astrologer. In 2013, she completed the Kepler College Certificate, “Fundamentals of Natal Astrology” and in 2014, their Certificate: “Moving the Chart in Time.” Moonbeam Mage is also a Steven Forrest certified evolutionary astrologer.

In the mundane realms, Moonbeam Mage holds a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Communication from UMaine. She taught there as a graduate teaching assistant during grad school and later as an adjunct professor, as well as teaching at Kepler College and several colleges in Florida.

“I seek to share the wisdom I have been blessed to receive and to continue to learn from those who seek to share it with me.”

~ Moonbeam Mage 

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