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Earth - The Kitchen

Updated: May 9, 2021

Water Makes the Mud that we Shape

Air Dries the Earth that we Shape

Fire Hardens the Earth that is Shape

In our modern life, Earth creates the grounding amidst the chaos. Earth is the essential element in your home. It helps you create a relaxing oasis, a place of peace and tranquility.

Some excellent ways to incorporate Earth into your home is by planting herbs in terracotta pots and placing them on a windowsill. There you connect with all the elements present with the earth through the baked clay. Another excellent way to incorporate Earth into your home is through wooden accessories in your kitchen, where, through action, you actively engage with the element. Such accessories are through wooden spoons, other utensils, cutting boards, and bowls. Keep reading for more great tips and info!

Cooking is one of the best ways to engage with the Earth element in your home.

When you take the time to create a meal from scratch, you have a magical opportunity at hand. (And we have to say it!!!! Although they feel like a chore, during this time, as you also fill your basin with suds, you can infuse your dishes with intent and will ;) ).

Cooking can become a sacred ritual as you connect with the gifts of the Earth. Through your actions, these gifts are combined and transformed to create nourishment and beneficial elements for the soul, mind, and body - not only for you but for your family as well. In this, the connections are very meaningful and above all, very magical.

Another sacred dimension of bringing Earth into your home is by creating the sacred table. Much like an altar, you can create a magical space by bringing the Earth element into your space by setting a meaningful and magical table. Items to include on your table-altar are housewarming, gratitude, and good health candles, dishes of honey amber resin, and stones such as carnelian, quartz, and sodalite. Candleholders, plates, cups, and table linens in the colors of orange, blue, and green can reinforce and enhance tranquility, communication, and abundance. And, as always, sage and cedar bring grounding and healing.

Many herbs and plants have sacred and healing value at your hearth. Some of the most regularly used herbs and plants in the home are:

Aloe - eases the fiery burns we all get from time to time

Basil - used for blessing, protection, and healing

Garlic - used for wards, stretch, and courage

Oregano - used for joy, love, and happiness

Pepper - used for banishing

Rosemary - used for love and protection

Salt - used for purification

Many stones have sacred and healing value at your hearth. Some of them are:

Carnelian - emits bright energy and boosts confidence, creativity, and motivation (we all need that in the kitchen sometimes!)

Citrine - sitting on a windowsill, fills our spirit and space with joy and happiness with every meal

Clear Quartz - points sitting on the table or counter to keep energy pure and clear

Sodalite - fuels harmonious conversations at the dinner table

Stay tuned - next week, the Living Room and the element of Air!

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Blessed Be!

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