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Finding Magic in the Everyday

Many people new to the metaphysical and magical regularly frequent our shop and our online connections. It seems more and more people are getting “turned on” to what many of us have recognized for most of our lives. It’s important that we embrace those new to magic with open arms, and to share with them how we see the magic in every day. This is how our world will survive.

We’ve recently shared some small practices that anyone can use to begin to connect with the energy of the world. Those new to magic can use our past rituals to access and engage in small ways. Those who aren’t new can use them to refresh, restore, and get back to basics.

We wanted to move outside of the idea of ritual to reinforce how important it is to recognize that magic can be and is a part of everyday life, you just have to be on the lookout for it. Many seemingly mundane experiences are actually magical, you just have to connect with the moment and have magic in mind.

Some places you can find magic:

  • Your Kitchen!

    • Every time you wipe a surface, you are clearing out the old, making way for the news!

    • Every time you bring food to the table, you are energizing yourself and those that you love.

    • Every time you sweep the floor, you are cleansing your space of negative energy!

    • Every time you remove the cobwebs (some of us don’t :) ), you are making way for a new season of the Earth.

  • Your Bathroom!

    • Whenever you clean a mirror, you are accessing reflection of self and the other world.

    • Whenever you scrub the tub or shower, you are letting go of stress and creating a space for tranquility.

    • Whenever you wash the tiles, you are acknowledging structure and strength.

    • Whenever you spray scent into the air, you are cleaning your room!

  • Your Living Room!

    • When you fluff the cushions and tidy the pillows, you are intentionally making room for others.

    • When you vacuum the rug, you are cleaning up stagnant energy in your room.

    • When you gather to chat or watch a show, you are creating community and connections with those that you care about.

    • When you close the shades, you are acknowledging the protection darkness can provide.

  • Your Bedroom!

    • Those times when you make the bed, you recognize the importance of ritual and acknowledging the start of a new day.

    • Those times when you fold and put away laundry, you recognize the importance of self - caring for yourself.

    • Those times when sneak into bed to read a book, you honor and recognize the power of myth and story.

    • Those times when you sleep, when you get some deep sleep, you honor the cycles of life. For every season……

Enjoy your days, enjoy your life. Embrace intentional living. Fill up your cup. Life is a loving lesson.

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