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The Lion's Gate Portal by Yvette Herrera

The Lion's Gate Portal is a sacred time - it is the moment when the old cycle ends and the new cycle begins.

This year, its sacred time begins on July 26 and ends around August 12. Some cultures celebrated the 25th and the 26th as many now celebrate the new year on the 1st of January. The 25th or the day before the beginning of Lion's s Gate was seen as a release of the old, old patterns old habits, and old beliefs on the 26th were seen as a time of renewal and beginnings and to begin manifesting to build a better you. Mostly celebrated in Egypt due to the alignment of stars being above Egypt throughout the Lion's Gate portal, it was also celebrated by the Mayans as a time of manifestation and abundance.

It was and still is the time the divine star Sirius was and is conjunct with our sun and rises in conjunction with sunrise in the northern hemisphere specifically over Egypt at the time of rising of the Nile river which represents the return of abundance and the land and people for another year and another cycle of life. We will be closing off another cycle of growth and

a spiritual transformation that began in 1999 and reached its highest point in climax in 2022.

The Lion's Gate is a time for us to work on ourselves our spiritual growth, or physical health and growth, manifesting abundance in our lives. It is also a

time to send energy into the universe to manifest positive changes for our neighbors, community, and yes Those we have a conflict with. Manifestation of abundance means many things. All of these things can be accomplished during the Lion's Gate portal. The abundance of knowledge, and abundance of growth spiritually, the abundance of healing, and even prosperity and wealth.

One simple ritual that can be done is.


- Your sacred space

- Purifying incense (rosemary, sage, lavender) (I use rosemary and lavender mixed)

- Orange candle and matches

- Journal and pen

- A gentle meditation timer

Cleanse your space with incense. Be sure to let the smoke fill the room and say:“I call upon the cleansing properties of this plant to clear this space of all lingering energies. I

return these energies to the Earth so that they may be recycled anew.”

Let the smoke cleanse you as well. Repeat the chant if necessary.

Light the orange candle and say: “I harness the power of the Leo constellation and Lion’s Gate Portal and invite in all that will serve my highest good.”

Set your meditation timer for your desired amount. Usually, 10-20 minutes will do the trick. The goal is to clear your mind and elevate your consciousness so you can meet th

e vibrations of the Lion’s Gate Portal and New Moon in Leo with this ritual.

Feel your heart rate slow and your mind take pause, begin to visualize your life exactly how you want it to look. Engage your 5 senses and see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and feel it.

Once your timer goes off, slowly wake up your body. Grab your journal and write down the experience you visualized and how your senses perceived it. The more detailed your descriptions, the more direction you are giving this energy to work in your favor, so be as thorough as possible!

Close your ritual by saying: “My heart, spirit, body, and mind are open to receiving the abundance available to me. I call forward what I desire for the good of all, with harm to none. I thank the Universe in advance for guiding me towards my highest good and bringing all I desire into my life.”

Allow your candle to gently dwindle down. If you need to leave the room, snuff out the candle and continue to burn it for the next few days.

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