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Fire - The Bedroom

Fire co-creates with Air.

Fire creates and transforms Earth.

Fire activates Water.

Passion, creativity, courage

Transformation and achievement

Fire is an essential element in your home. It helps you embrace creativity, take action, follow your passion, and find courage.

One excellent way to incorporate Fire into your home is by creating altars that reflect the element of fire. On that altar, by burning candles and by burning herbs other forms of incense deepen your practice and reinforce your creativity and passions.

Other excellent ways to incorporate fire into your life are to engage directly with the element! Get outside and connect with a personal fire, connect with the sunrise, or connect in a fiery discussion!

Our personal spaces - our bedrooms - are most often the spaces that we connect with ourselves. When we connect with ourselves and what motivates us, we connect with the element of fire.

When you take time for yourself, be mindful. Be aware of self and space, and work to infuse your space with the energies that encourage access to creativity and passion.

Spending time in our personal spaces allows us to understand ourselves on a deeper level and allows us to become more full. Working to enhance our personal understanding of who we each are creates nourishment for our souls and in all things - access to Self (capital S).

Focusing on how we build our altars, how we decorate our space, and how we clean and clear it has deep meaning for not only you but all those that enter your common space. Look at what you hang on the walls, the colors you work with to decorate, and how you are enhancing your space with smells. Rituals that work through meditation and specific ritual work around creativity will activate the sacred energy of your personal space. Always spend your time intentionally and do your magical work for self-awareness and creativity! You won’t be disappointed!

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius Fire Colors - Red, purple, orange, strong yellow, magenta and pink Tools - wands, flames (candle, lamp, or brazier), incense, dragons, volcanic stones, oils Many stones have sacred value in your common room. Many of the stones related to the element of air are semi-transparent, white, Some of them are: Ruby - passion and personal power Red Jasper - courage and motivation Fire Agate - personal power and passion Garnet - passion and energy Rhodochrosite - self confidence Blue Calcite - transformation, creativity, and self-confidence Carnelian - courage, action, and confidence Citrine - physical stamina and energy Copper - energy and personal power

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