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July's Full Moon - Thunder Moon is upon us!

The Thunder Moon, also known as Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, and Wort Moon, is the first moon of the summer. In several cultures it was called the Thunder Moon because of the frequency of thunderstorms during the hot, dry weather of this time of the year.

At dusk, this year’s Thunder Moon may look a little different as it rises on July 4th. It’s a penumbral eclipse that can be viewed by North America. A penumbral eclipse occurs when the earth is ‘not quite’ between the sun and full moon. Only some of the sunlight will be blocked from reaching the full moon’s surface. A strage, but unique sight, we will again get to see this during the Frosty Moon eclipse.

This moon is unique in breaking with past patterns that no longer benefit us. Specifically the Thunder Moon brings about the rainstorms that have and will transform our lives. According to lore, some say that this is one of the rare times that the veils between our unseen and natural world and faeries and sprites can enlighten our world.

Get yourself outside during this full moon. You might just get kissed by the pixies!

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