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Solar Magic

This past week, spring's growth energy has sprung and summer quietly approaches. Warmth (finally) surround us!

The sunshine is shining bright, warming our nest of growth. The rain showers sprinkle over the land, quenching Mother Earth's thirst.

Slowly the air warms our bones, warms her bones, and seedlings sprout. The leaves on trees spread wide, the lush green is seen everywhere, and from this reflection, we can find our own growth! Looking around the world, in pastures, on porches, and in gardens, radiant flowers start to display their crowns of color. The earth is alive and we are alive. Take a deep breath as you gaze, you can feel the fertility of Mother Earth.

As the days begin to grow longer, begin to escape into nature, embrace the warmth and length of each new day. In this knowing, remember that the sun holds magical power. As it creates, you create. As nature embraces growth, so can you.

Many use the moon for rituals, but the sun is equally magical. Below we share some of the ways you can connect with the phases of the sun and use them as part of your home practice, engaging with the sun during different times of day for different energies. And if you read all the way to bottom, please note our upcoming sale. The sun is here, let's enjoy the solar power!

Sun Phase & Rituals


*New Beginnings

*Charging Elements












*Charging Elements

Blessed Be.

In honor of all that the sun is, we are offering a month long solar sale until June 21st. Starting Thursday May 21st, all smudge sticks will be 22% off! Please enter the code SOLARSALE at checkout to receive your discount!

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