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The Fall Equinox - A Time of Celebration and Rest

Mabon starts September 22nd this year and can be described as the start of the great sleep.While some describe the trees and plants as dying, they are actually going through a great sleep; resting, renewing, preparing for when the next phase or season of their life begins. For many of us, we dread the winter months. We grow joyous watching the trees change colors, but dread picking up the leaves. We gain happiness feeling the cool breeze upon our faces, but grow envious that we can no longer enjoy the heat of the sun upon our faces. Like us, nature needs rest.

Nature needs these periods of growth and renewal so that when the season comes for nature to over take the grounds and for the trees to provide us shade from the sunny days, it is prepared to do so. Mabon is the start of all of this. As the waters get colder, preparing to freeze over, let us remind ourselves that just like the water, we also need to rest and decompress. For there is water within us that can benefit from a moment of settlement.

This is the time to get back into our spiritual practices; this can be a great time for shadow work, reading, learning, growth and renewal within ourselves. Our dormancy, just like for the trees, does not have to be for not.

If you're feeling sad: try using these crystal's in order to harness elemental Fire, Leo energy, and Success: ruby, citrine, garnet, jasper, hold, tiger's eye, and malachite. (Check out our collection of stones to see what works with your energy best!)

If you want to feel Light and Airy and Confident, try using star anise (found in our herb and spices section) to draw in good luck. If you're looking to get social these months (as safely as possible) try lighting a yellow candle for your social skills. No one said we have to do it all alone!

If you're feeling like you're luck with money is running out try some basil and clove which can be used to draw in wealth (check out our selection below). Green candles are also great for prosperity.

Mabon can be the start of something incredible for you, if you allow it to be. This can either be a turning point with rest, reinvention, rejuvenation, and healing work, or it can just be a moment to enjoy the new smells of the Earth. Whatever you're feeling, come explore what's calling to you today.

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