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Cleaning and Cleansing Part 3

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

As always, the conversation about cleansing begins with understanding energy. Reflecting on what you think energy means and how it works in your world is a first step in understanding how you can deepen your experience in working with it. Next, working with selenite as you begin your cleansing journey helps you recognize that there are tools that can become part of your everyday life that will help you to cleanse, clear, and clean your personal energetic field. This work will absolutely help you feel more connected, confident, and empowered.

Now that you have an understanding under your belt and have begun to work with your own personal energy field, you can deepen your practice by working with other tools - one that you can even find in your own home!!!

Salt, salt, salt!!! In the future we will be offering some glorious salt, so keep an eye out, but you can use any salt for a Salt Cleansing Ritual and with love, we offer this ritual.

Salt Cleansing Ritual

Tools You Will Need:

  • 1 to 2 cups of salt - any kind will do. Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) is preferred, but table salt works!

  • A candle

  • Matches or a lighter (Matches preferred, but if you have a special lighter, use it!)

  • A special bowl. A non-porous bowl - ceramic or plastic preferred if you will continue to use the same bowl for your salt cleansing ritual as the salt will erode metal and will dry out wood. A white bowl is preferable because white represents purification, but other colors can be appropriate depending on purpose. For example, if you want to bring self love into your ritual, pink would do. If you want tranquility, blue is a color of choice. (Next week's post will provide information about colors and elements).

  • A place to shower.


  • Measure out 1 to 1 and a half cups of salt and place it in your special bowl.

  • Head to your bathroom with the bowl, candle, and matches/lighter.

  • Get undressed and make sure to have your drying towel in a space that you can easily reach when finished with the ritual.

  • Set the bowl and candle in a safe space that ensures nothing will catch on fire while you are doing the ritual.

  • While lighting the candle, take five deep breaths, then say or think, "I am lighting this candle in honor of all that goes before, behind, and within. I do this work to ground myself in life, connect myself with the energies of the universe, to create clarity and wholeness within myself." (Note: Remember, if you want to change up the words it's ok, do what feels right to YOU!)

  • Start the shower, place the salt bowl in a place where you can reach it from the shower yet it will not get wet.

  • Step into the shower and get yourself wet. Turn off the shower.

  • Grab a handful of salt, and take five deep breaths. Again, think or say, "I do this work to ground myself in life, connect myself with the energies of the universe, and to create clarity and wholeness within myself." Imagine the salt as white light energy permeating your body.

  • Start by scrubbing your left foot and then work around your body until you get to the bottom of your right foot while focusing on your breath and repeating your words. (Note: If you cannot reach all the parts of your body you would like to, don't worry about it! Just envision the salt cleansing those parts!)

  • After you finish your right foot, take five more deep breaths, turn on the shower and rinse, again while saying/thinking your words and focusing on your breath.

  • Grab your towel and dry.

  • Take five breaths, and think or say, "I am thankful for this time to connect with myself and the universe."

  • Repeat this ritual daily, monthly, or weekly as you feel it calls to you. You will see an added positive benefit to yourself and your life.

As always, please feel free to subscribe, comment, and share! Blessed Be!

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